I’m from a town where there weren’t bookstores and sports is a big deal, so I didn’t discover design and its adjacents until after highschool. I won’t disclose my age because people use age to a)make assumptions about what you can/can’t do and b)build false parameters of what you should/shouldn’t be doing in life. I usually pass on being verbally long-winded. Same goes for bragging on myself. Cycling through an incline is a great feeling. I’m interested in open-ended agencies/brands where people aren’t embedded with the “hamster wheel/rat race” mentality. A 5-year plan sounds like something you’d give on a first date to appear as a worthy candidate. And that sounds like a boring lifestyle choice. I’m “making it” in this very moment, so success looks like the present. I’m not hellbent on being in “this location or that location.” I go where the best available opportunity and/or point of exploration presents itself. At the end of the day, I’m not here to rant about why and/or how I’m better than the next stranger.